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This is my products page. You'll find several different types of things that I sell, from books, t-shirts, mugs, nightlights, art work and early next year, dromaeosaur claw cast necklaces. All art work is copyrited by me and can not be used without my permission.
email: dino.hunter@cox.net Snailmail: PO Box 1171 Poway Ca  92074


I have T-Shirts, Christmas Cards and Calendars at my store on Zazzle

All the following books are avaible on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and other websites. The first four are $20.00 each and my novel is $14.95.

My how to Draw Dinosaur books are a compilation of articles that I've written for Mike Fredericks magazine Prehistoric Times. Volume 1 is my first 25 articles and one from Dinosaur World.

Volume 2 is my second 25 articles in Prehistoric Times.

Generic Dinosaur-A-Skull a day calendar, volume 1. 366 different dinosaur skulls.

The only other place you'll find 366 different dinosaurs skulls is in volume 2.

My novel Dinosaur Isle is avaible....

After 65 million years dinosaurs once again walk the Earth on three islands near Guam. D.N.A. (Dinosaur National Association) used their funding, modern paleontologist findings and modern DNA research, have ‘grown’ dinosaurs. Dozens of dinosaurs of all sizes roam the largest of islands. One island houses the main research for ‘growing’ dinosaurs from egg to young animals. They are then taken to the largest island where a team of paleontologists studying the behaviors of the dinosaurs. The islands are not open to the public, but are for research only. But something has gone awry. ‘Raptor’ dinosaurs have been found off these islands and it’s up to Agent Jack McConnel (from a newly formed UN Agency) and his team to find out why. First he needs to understand how D.N.A. has ‘grown’ dinosaurs, their behavior and what dinosaurs are on the islands. Then use that knowledge to help find the dinosaurs off the island. The mystery takes him to the Mid-West United States, England, Guam, and the Komodo Islands and even off planet. The problem becomes more volatile; explosions, death, necropsies, traitors, grand schemes, earthquakes and hurricanes hinder Jack’s investigations. He also has to dodge giant sauropods, fighting T. rexes, Triceratops, ‘Raptors’, catching dinosaurs and being chased by dinosaurs. This is the beginning of his journey in life as well as for the ‘new grown’ dinosaurs. But the reader has to be careful, because they just might learn a thing or two about dinosaurs. The science of paleontology is part of the book and the glossary explains the scientific evidence of sections of the novel.

The nightlight glows a light orange, $5.00

Mug, white with same figure, $5.00

T-shirts are light tan and gray, they come in medium, large and extra large.

T-rex, the King of North America, same figure as mug and nightlight.

Giganotosaurus carolini, the King of South America

Spinosaurus, the King of Northern Africa

T-shirts $13 each


Large laser prints $35

Archelon ishyros attacking Pachydiscus

Carcharodon megalodon chasing a Gavialosuchus americanus

Carcharodontosaurus saharicus

Criorhynchus simus

Didymoceras binodosum

Elasmosaurus platyurus

Spinosaurus maroccanus

A juvenile Styxosaurus snowii being attacked by a Niobarateuthis sp

Tylosaurus proriger & Hesperornis regalis

Velociraptor mongoliensis



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