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Welcome to dinohunter. I am an artist, researcher and amateur paleontologist (I've named a few dinosaurs so I can call myself a paleontologist). I have literally done over 1500 illustrations from famous dinosaurs to the obscure. If you need illustrations, research for projects, or comments on prehistoric animals, please contact me. All art work is copyrited by me and can not be used without my permission. PO Box 1171 Poway Ca, 92074


Didymoceras stevensoni pulling its body into its shell.

Placenticeras catching a fish


Eryops attacking a Diplocaulus


Hypuronector limnaios


Ischigualasto Formation; Two Herrerasaurus ischigualastensis, Scaphonyx sanjuanensis and Venaticosuchus rusconii

Noasaurus leali


Masiakasaurus knopfleri SAMPSON, CARRANO & FORSTER, 2001

Garudimimus brevipes

Harpymimus okladnikovi

Chirostenotes pergracilis ROM 42350


Juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex's; Top Stygivenator molnari, bottom, Dinotyrannus megagracilis.

3 Therizinosaurs, top Alxasaurus elesitaiensis; middle Neimongosaurus yangi; bottom Nothronychus mckinleyi, all to the same scale. Scale bar 1 m.

Yandangornia longicaudus

Top is Protohadros byrdi, bottom Eolambia caroljonesa

Top, Ankylosaurus, Bottom, Panoplosaurus


Stomatosuchus inermis

Sarcosuchus imperator

Top two are ventral and dorsal view of the type skull, the bottom three are from Sereno et al, 2001

Sarcosuchus imperator

Simosuchus clarki

Some old drawings (12 years)


Some of the very first Pipestone Creek Pachyrhinosaurus drawings

Top Pipestone creek (convex boss), bottom Type of Pachyrhinosaurus canadensis

Top Pipestone creek (concave), bottom, referred material from Scabby Butte, P. canadensis.