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Fish; Agnatha, Thelodonti, Placoderm, Acanthodians, Chondrichthyes, Fish, Crossopterygians, Lungfish, Coelocanths

Amphibians; Temnospondyli ("Labyrinthodons", Early Amphibians), Reptilosauromorph, Lepospondyli

Reptilia; Lower Reptiles (“Anapsids”), Turtles, Diapsida (Lower Lepidosauromorphs), Lizards and snakes, Sphenodonts, Ichthyosaurs, Sauropterygians and Placodontians, Lower Archosauromorpha, “Thecodontia, Pseudosuchia", Crocodilia (Mesosuchia, Eusuchia), Pterosaurs

Dinosaurs; Theropoda, Sauropodomorpha (Sauropoda, Prosauropoda), Ornithischia, Armored dinosaurs, Dinosaurs in general

Synapsids; Pelycosaurs, Theriodontia, Deinocephalia, Mammals (Mesozoic)

Ichnology, Palaeopathologies, Gastroliths, Coprolites

Integuments; Skin


Anderson, Rev. Dr., 1858, On the Fossil Fishes and Yellow Sandstone, p.74-75.

Huxley, T. H., 1858, Observations of the Genus Pteraspis: Report of the British Association, p. 82-83.

Murchison, R. I., 1858, Some Results of recent Researches among the Older Rocks of the Highlands of Scotland: Report of the Twenty-seventh meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, p. 94-96.

Page, D., 1858, Farther Contributions to the Palaeontology of the Tilestones or Silurio-Devonian Strata of Scotland: Report of the British Association, p. 104-105.



Species: Nova (3)

Coccosteus minor MILLER, 1858
Ptycodus ancinnnatus PANDER, 1858
Ptyctodus obliquus PANDER, 1858

Get Coccosteus minor MILLER, 1858

Get Ptycodus ancinnnatus, Ptyctodus obliquus PANDER, 1858


Genus: Nova (2)

Archaeacanthus KADE, 1858
Machaerus ROUAULT, 1858

Species: Nova (3)

Archaeacanthus quadrisulcatus KADE, 1858
Machaerus archiaci ROUAULT, 1858
Machaerius larteti ROUAULT, 1858

Get Archaeacanthus quadrisulcatus KADE, 1858

Get Machaerus archiaci, Machaerius larteti ROUAULT, 1858


Species: Nova (7)

Cladodus magnificus TUOMEY, 1858
Cladodus newmani TUOMEY, 1858
Ctenacanthus elegans TUOMEY, 1858
Ctenacanthus abnormis GIEBEL, 1858
Hybodus cloacinus QUENSTEDT, 1858
Oxyrhina macrorhiza PICTET & CAMPICHE, 1858
Ptychodus whipplei MARCOU, 1858
= Ptychodus whippleyi MARCOU, 1858

Synonym: Nova (1)

Sphenodus macer (QUENSTEDT, 1851) QUENSTEDT, 1858
= Oxyrhina macer QUENSTEDT, 1851

Get Cladodus magnificus, Cladodus newmani, Ctenacanthus elegans TUOMEY, 1858

Get Ctenacanthus abnormis GIEBEL, 1858

Gett Hybodus cloacinus, Sphenodus macer = Oxyrhina macer QUENSTEDT, 1858

Get Oxyrhina macrorhiza PICTET & CAMPICHE, 1858

Get Ptychodus whipplei = Ptychodus whippleyi MARCOU, 1858


Genus: Nova (8)

Belonorhynchus BRONN, 1858
Callopterus THIOLLIERI 1858
Crossognathus PICTET, 1858
Echidnocephalus MARCK, 1858
Sardinioides MARCK, 1858
Spathodactylus PICTET, 1858
Thoracopterus BRONN, 1858
Turseodus LEIDY, 1857 (1858)

Species: Nova (1)

Belonorhynchus striolatus BRONN, 1858
Callopterus agassizi THIOLLIERI 1858
Chondrosteus pachyurus EGERTON, 1858
“ Clupea”voironensis PICKET, 1858
Cosmolepis egertoni EGERTON, 1858
Crossognathus sabaudianus PICTET, 1858
Dapedium caelatum QUENSTEDT, 1858
Distcholepis dumortieri THIOLLIERE, 1858
Echidnocephalus troscheli MARCK, 1858
Gyrosteus mirabilis EGERTON, 1858
Megalurus damoni EGERTON, 1858
Notagogus iunismointis THIOLLIERE, 1858
Notagogus margaritae THIOLLIERI, 1858
Platycormus oblongus MARCK, 1858
Polygonodon rectus EMMONS, 1858
Spathodactylus neocomiensis PICTET, 1858
Sphenocephalus cataphractus MARCK, 1858
Thoracopterus niederristi BRONN, 1858
Turseodus acutus LEIDY, 1857 (1858)

Synonym: Nova (3)

Attakeopsis austerni (EGERTON, 1858) THIOLLIERE, 1858
= Megalurus austeni EGERTON, 1858
Platycormus germanus (AGASSIZ, 1838) MARCK, 1858
= Beryx germanus AGASSIZ, 1838
Sardinoides monasterii (AGASSIZ, 1835) von der MARCK, 1858
= Osmeroides monasterii AGASSIZ, 1839-44

Get Belonorhynchus striolatus, Thoracopterus niederristi BRONN, 1858

Get Chondrosteus pachyurus, Cosmolepis egertoni, Gyrosteus mirabilis, Megalurus damoni EGERTON, 1858

Get Polygonodon rectus EMMONS, 1858

Get Turseodus acutus LEIDY, 1857 (1858)

Get Echidnocephalus troscheli, Platycormus germanus = Beryx germanus, Platycormus oblongus, Sphenocephalus cataphractus MARCK, 1858

Get “Clupea”voironensis, Crossognathus sabaudianus, Sardinoides monasterii = Osmeroides monasterii, Spathodactylus neocomiensis PICTET, 1858

Get Dapedium caelatum QUENSTEDT, 1858

Get Attakeopsis austerni = Megalurus austeni,Callopterus agassizi, Distcholepis dumortieri, Notagogus iunismointis, Notagogus margaritae THIOLLIERI, 1858


Synonym: Nova

Gyroptychius posnaniensis KADE, 1858
= Gyrolepis posnaniensis KADE, 1858

Get Gyroptychius posnaniensis = Gyrolepis posnaniensis KADE, 1858


Species: Nova (2)

Conchodus jerofejewi PANDER, 1858
Dipterus murchisoni PANDER, 1858

Synonym: Nova (1)

Dipterus marginalis (AGASSIZ, 1843) PANDER, 1858
= Ctenodus marginalis AGASSIZ, 1843

Anderson, Rev. Dr., 1858, On the Fossil Fishes and Yellow Sandstone. P. 74-75.

Get Conchodus jerofejewi, Dipterus marginalis = Ctenodus marginalis, Dipterus murchisoni PANDER, 1858


Genus : Nova (1)

Coccoderma QUENSTEDT, 1858

Species: Nova (1)

Coccoderma suevicum QUENSTEDT, 1858

Get Coccoderma suevicum QUENSTEDT, 1858

Temnospondyli ("Labyrinthodons", Early Amphibians)

Species: Nova

Capitosaurus fronto MEYER, 1858
Capitosaurus nasutus MEYER, 1858

Get Capitosaurus fronto, Capitosaurus nasutus MEYER, 1858



Lower Reptiles (“Anapsids”)


Genus: Nova (1)

Thalassemys RUTIMEYER, 1858

Speices: Nova (2)

Thalassemys gresslyi RUTIMEYER, 1858
Thalassemys hugii RUTIMEYER, 1858

Get Thalassemys gresslyi, Thalassemys hugii RUTIMEYER, 1858

Diapsida (Lower Lepidosauromorphs)

Lizards and Snakes

Genus: Nova (1)

Elliptonodon EMMONS, 1858 (nomen dubium)

Species: Nova (1)

Elliptonodon compressus EMMONS, 1858 (nomen dubium)

Get Elliptonodon compressus EMMONS, 1858 (nomen dubium)



Species: Nova (5)

Ichthyosaurus amalthei QUENSTADT, 1858 (nomen dubium)
Ichthyosaurus posthumus QUENSTEDT, 1858 (nomen dubium)
Ichthyosaurus quadriscissus QUENSTADT, 1858
Ichthyosaurus triscissus QUENSTADT, 1858
Ichthyosaurus zollerianus QUENSTADT, 1858 (nomen dubium)

Get Ichthyosaurus amalthei (nomen dubium), Ichthyosaurus posthumus (nomen dubium), Ichthyosaurus quadriscissus, Ichthyosaurus triscissus, Ichthyosaurus zollerianus QUENSTADT, 1858 (nomen dubium)

Sauropterygians and Placodontians

Genus: Nova (1)

Psephoderma MEYER, 1858

Species: Nova (5)

Placodus bathygnathus OWEN, 1858
Placodus pachygnathus OWEN, 1858
Plesiosaurus suevicus QUENSTEDT, 1858 (nomen dubium)
Plesiosaurus posiondoniae QUENSTEDT, 1858 (nomen dubium)
Psephoderma alpinum MEYER, 1858
= Psephoderma alpina MEYER, 1858

Huxley, T. H., 1858, On a New Species of Plesiosaurus from Street, near Glastonbury; with Remarks on the Structure of the atlas and axis vertebrae, and of the cranium, in that genus: Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London, v. 4, 281-294.

Get Psephoderma alpinum = Psephoderma alpina MEYER, 1858

Get Placodus bathygnathus, Placodus pachygnathus OWEN, 1858

Get Plesiosaurus suevicus (nomen dubium), Plesiosaurus posiondoniae QUENSTEDT, 1858 (nomen dubium)

Lower Archosauromorpha

“Thecodontia, Pseudosuchia"

Species: Nova (2)

"Megalosaurus" cloacinus QUENSTEDT, 1858
Termatosaurus crocodilinus QUENSTEDT, 1858 (nomen dubium)

Get "Megalosaurus" cloacinus, Termatosaurus crocodilinusQUENSTEDT, 1858 (nomen dubium)

Crocodilia (Mesosuchia, Eusuchia)

Genus: Nova (1)

Cricosaurus WAGNER, 1858

Species: Nova (6)

Cricosaurus grandis WAGNER, 1858
Cricosaurus medius WAGNER, 1858
Dakosaurus maximus var gracilis QUENSTEDT, 1858
Polyptychodon rugosus EMMONS, 1858
Teleosaurus lacunosae QUENSTEDT, 1858 (nomen dubium)
Teleosaurus parkinsoni QUENSTEDT, 1858 (nomen dubium)

Synonym: Nova (1)

Cricosaurus elegans (WAGNER, 1852) WAGNER, 1858
= Stenosaurus elegans WAGNER, 1852

Get Polyptychodon rugosus EMMONS, 1858

Get Cricosaurus elegans = Stenosaurus elegans, Cricosaurus grandis, Cricosaurus medius WAGNER, 1858

Get Dakosaurus maximus var gracilis, Teleosaurus lacunosae (nomen dubium), Teleosaurus parkinsoni QUENSTEDT, 1858 (nomen dubium)


Species: Nova (4)

Pterodactylus eurychirus WAGNER, 1858
Pterodactylus liasicus QUENSTEDT, 1858
 Rhamphorhynchus curtimanus WAGNER, 1858
Rhamphorhynchus longimanus WAGNER, 1858

Owen, R., 1858, Monograph on the fossil reptilia of the Cretaceous and Purbeck Strata including Supplement no. III. Cretaceous Pterosauria and Sauropterygia: Palaeontographical Soceity: 1-19.

Get Pterodactylus liasicus QUENSTEDT, 1858

Wagner, A., 1858, Neue beitrage zur Kenntnis der urweltlichen Fauna des lithographischen Schiefers. 1. Abt. Saurier: Abhandlungen der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften Mathematisch-physik, Ci 8, p. 417-528. (Pterodactylus eurychirus, Rhamphorhynchus curtimanus, Rhamphorhynchus longimanus)



Species: Nova (1)

Megalosaurus? cloacinus QUENSTEDT, 1858 (nomen dubium)

Get Megalosaurus? cloacinus QUENSTEDT, 1858 (nomen dubium)

Sauropodomorpha (Sauropoda, Prosauropoda)

Gressly, A., 1858, Sur les ossements fossiles d’un saurien gigantisque trouve dans le canton de Bale: Bull. Soc. Sci. Nat. Neuchatel, v. IV, p. 13-14.


Genus: Nova (1)

Hadrosaurus LEIDY, 1858

Species: Nova (1)

Hadrosaurus foulkii LEIDY, 1858

Gibson, T. F., 1858, Notice of the discovery of a large femur of the Iguanodon in the Weald Clay at Sandown Bay, Isle of Wight: Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London, v. 14, p. 175-176.

Leidy, J., 1858, Hadrosaurus foulkii, a new saurian from the Cretaceous of New Jersey, related to Iguanodon: American Journal of Science, 2nd series, v. 27, p. 266-270. (Hadrosaurus foulkii)

Owen, R., 1858, Note on the bones of the hindfoot of the Iguanodon, discovered and exhibited by S. H. Beckles: Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London, v. 14, p. 174-175.

Armored dinosaurs

Dinosaurs in general





Mammals (Mesozoic)


Ichnogenus: Nova (23)

Amblonyx E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Amblypus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Antipus HITCHCOCK, 1858
Apatichnus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Arachnichnus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Cheirotheroides E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Chimaera E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Corvipes E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Cunichnoides E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Exocampe E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Gigantitherium E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Grallator E. HITCHECOCK, 1858
Hyphepus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Isocampe E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Lagunculapes E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Macropterna E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Orthodactylus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Plesiornis E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Selenichnus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Sherpardia E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Sustenodactylus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Tarsodactylus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Tridentipes E. HITCHCOCK, 1858

Ichnospecies: Nova (54)

Amblonyx giganteus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Amblypus dextratus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Anomoepus major E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Antipus bifudus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Antipus flexiloquus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Apatichnus bellus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Apatichnus circumagens E. HICHCOCK, 1858
Arachnichus dehiscens E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Brontozoum exsertum E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Brontozoum isodactylus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
= Brontozoum isodactylum E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Brotozoum minusculus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
= Brontozoum minusculum E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Brontozoum tuberatum E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Brontozoum validum E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Cheirotheroides pilulatus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Chelonoides incedens E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Corvipes lacertoideus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Cunichnoides marsupialoides E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Exocampe arcta E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Exocampe minima E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Exocampe ornata E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Gigantitherium caudatum E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Gigantitherium minus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Grallator cursorius E. HITCHEOCK, 1858
Grallator cuneatus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Grallator formosus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Grallator tenuis E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Hyphepus fieldi E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Isocampe strata E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Lagunculapes latus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Ornithichnites parvulus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Orthodactylus floriferous E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Orthodactylus intro-vergens E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Orthodactylus linearis E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Palamopus clarki E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Platypterna digitigrada E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Platypterna varica E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Plesiornis pilulatus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Plesiornis quadrupes E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Plectropterna angusta E. HITCHCOCK,1858
Plectropterna gracilis E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Plectropterna lineans E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Plesiornis qequalipes E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Selenichnus falcatus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Selenichnus breviusculus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Shepardia palmipes E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Sustenodactylus curvatus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Tarsodactylus caudatus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Tridentipes elegans E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Tridentipes eleganitor E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Tridentipes insignis E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Tridentipes uncus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
Triaenopus leptodactylus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858

Synonym: Nova (3)

Anomoepus minor (E. HITCHCOCK, 1845) E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
= Fulicopus minor E. HITCHCOCK, 1845
= Aethyopus minor (E. HITCHCOCK, 1845), E. HITCHCOCK, 1848
Chimaera barratii (E. HITCHCOCK, 1845) E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
= Sauroidichnies barratii E. HITCHCOCK, 1845
Grallator gracillimus (E. HITCHCOCK, 1844) E. HITCHCOCK, 1858
= Ornithoidichnites gracillimus E. HITCHCOCK, 1844
= Eubrontes gracillimus (E. HITCHCOCK, 1844) E. HITCHCOCK, 1845
= Brontozoum gracillimum (E. HITCHCOCK, 1844) E. HITCHCOCK, 1848

Beckles, S. H., 1858, On Fossil Foot-prints in the Sandstone at Cummingstone: The Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London, v. 5, p. 461.

Get Amblonyx giganteus, Amblypus dextratus, Anomoepus major, Anomoepus minor = Fulicopus minor, = Aethyopus minor,Antipus bifudus, Antipus flexiloquus, Apatichnus bellus, Apatichnus circumagens, Arachnichus dehiscens, Brontozoum exsertum, Brontozoum isodactylus = Brontozoum isodactylum, Brotozoum minusculus = Brontozoum minusculum, Brontozoum tuberatum, Brontozoum validum, Cheirotheroides pilulatus, Chelonoides incedens, Chimaera barratii = Sauroidichnies barratii, Corvipes lacertoideus, Cunichnoides marsupialoides, Exocampe arcta, Exocampe minima, Exocampe ornate, Gigantitherium caudatum, Gigantitherium minus, Grallator cursorius, Grallator cuneatus, Grallator formosus, Grallator gracillimus = Ornithoidichnites gracillimus, = Eubrontes gracillimus, = Brontozoum gracillimum, Grallator tenuis, Hyphepus fieldi, Isocampe strata, Lagunculapes latus, Ornithichnites parvulus, Orthodactylus floriferous, Orthodactylus intro-vergens, Orthodactylus linearis, Palamopus clarki, Platypterna digitigrada, Platypterna varica, Plesiornis pilulatus, Plesiornis quadrupes, Plectropterna angusta, Plectropterna gracilis, Plectropterna lineans, Plesiornis qequalipes, Selenichnus falcatus, Selenichnus breviusculus, Shepardia palmipes, Sustenodactylus curvatus, Tarsodactylus caudatus, Tridentipes elegans, Tridentipes eleganitor, Tridentipes insignis, Tridentipes uncus, Triaenopus leptodactylus E. HITCHCOCK, 1858






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